23 October 2014


jacket: acne | scarf: acne canada | jeans: allsaints | glasses: bonlook | shoes: porselli | clutch: antik batik

i am now unemployed.

the nature of my job here means that if there is no more work, i go home. no warning, no notice. it is what it is. 

yesterday i had a lie-in, had coffee with another newly unemployed friend, drank some wine with a recently unemployed friend and tried not to overthink it too much. it was quite a nice day, really.

today i woke up early, sat down and pumped some applications out. and now i'm bored. unemployment sucks.

20 October 2014

16 October 2014

what i wore

tshirt: bassike | leather leggings: winston wolfe | coat: vintage dries van noten (mum's) | shoes: nike air max 1 | sunnies: le specs ziggy
this is pretty representative of what i wore the whole weekend in stockholm. the coat definitely saved me from the cold - it's so awesomely oversized and cuddly. my poor mum may never get this back.
the bassike tee and the leather leggings are some of my favourite items to travel with as they don't crease and are so comfortable to wear. something different from your usual jeans and plain tee.
and yes, we did some naughty shopping at acne. there's an acne archive store in stockholm (reduced past collections and samples) and i went a little nuts, but surprisingly only walked away with 1 item. how's that for self-control? my dear husband, on the other hand, fell in love with just about every item in the acne store and almost committed to buying every item too!

14 October 2014

stockholm syndrome

my husband and i just went on a quick weekend getaway to stockholm. surprisingly hardly anyone i know has been to this city. they are missing out.
safe to say we had an amazing time. the city is quiet and quaint, but lacks nothing in the way of culture, design and overall cool-ness. the people are beautiful and have the best sense of style i have seen in europe so far (yes, that includes paris!).
we ate, we explored, we shopped and i have to admit that all expectations were exceeded! more photos to come.

ps if you would like to stay more up-to-date with my adventures, please check out my instagram and facebook (as i often update those more than my blog).

09 October 2014

wardrobe planning

some of you might know that i'm a perpetual planner. i plan out every trip, creating spreadsheets of places to eat and things to see and do. i plan events all in advance and must put them in both my phone and physical diary. so it will be no surprise that i have started organising and planning my wardrobe.

i use pinterest to privately pin every item in my wardrobe, separating the clothes out into spring/summer and autumn/winter. that way i can get a clear picture of what in my wardrobe is relevant to me now and it also helps me re-organise my actual wardrobe to store away clothes that i won't require for the upcoming season. i find it extremely helpful to visualise my entire wardrobe. that way i can avoid double ups and i can see where there are holes/missing pieces.
i have been challenged of late to buy less and curate a wardrobe that is more fitting to my lifestyle, my style, my budget and my wardrobe size (living in a tiny london flat will do that to you!). maybe it's because i'm getting older and, i would like to hope, wiser, but i am finding myself less wanting to be fashionable and more wanting to be practical and true to myself.
i have been reading blogs un-fancy and into mind, which have really challenged me to change my wardrobe ways. whilst i'm not sure i could whittle my wardrobe down to 30-40 pieces, i have taken away some valuable lessons which i will attempt to summarise below:
1. back to basics
the number 1 thing i reach for in my wardobe every time are basics. the white shirt, the black skinny jean, the perfect tee, the black blazer. while basics might seem boring, they provide a great foundation on which to build any outfit. having a good store of basics means that you really don't have to overthink. i have been stocking up on really good basics such as cotton tees from zara in every colour (black, grey, white), merino and cashmere sweaters from the men's uniqlo section and work shirts from cos. i know that every one of these pieces will be put to good use all year round.
2. quality is everything
i think i have mentioned this before, but i make sure to check the tag of every garment before i buy to know the material and the amount of work that will go into maintenance. basic stuff like cotton tees/shirts, wool sweaters, silk dresses. polyester is always a big no for me and it makes me so mad that high end designer brands are still producing polyester products (rant!).
3. stop hoarding
there are definitely items in my wardrobe that i've kept because they were expensive and i can't justify wasting the money or because i'm keeping it for when i lose some weight. trust me, it's just never going to happen. a wardrobe cleanse is what everyone needs at least 3 times a year. it's so liberating and therapeutic! if you can sell some stuff, good on you, but seriously if you haven't used an item for over a year give it away.
4. lists
it comes with the planner's territory, but i find that making wishlists of the items i want to buy for the next season really helpful to keep me on track with my buying. that way i won't get sidetracked by sales or seasonal fashion pieces that i really don't need. i have holiday shopping lists as well. on my recent trip to paris i wrote down a small list of things that i specifically wanted and ended up not buying anything except a small clutch bag because i couldn't find anything on the list. for my upcoming trip to stockholm the only item on my list is a scarf! let's see how i go with that one.
5. avoid fast fashion
i would maybe allow 2-3 pieces of fast fashion for the season, but generally they tend to be poor quality and won't be used for more than a few months. zara and topshop are the main perpetrators and sometimes you can obtain quite good pieces, but i tend to avoid filling my wardobe with every "it" piece in a season as i know that it will not end up being a long term relationship.

what's your wardrobe ethic? how do you plan your wardrobe, if at all?

06 October 2014

the ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't

clutch and wallet: marc by marc jacobs 2015

what's the answer to life, the universe and everything? 42.
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by douglas adams is one of my favourite books ever. it's incredibly kooky, weirdly wonderful and outrageously sarcastic. douglas adams is a genius. i would often catch myself giggling on the bus amidst suspicious sideways glances. my favourite part would have to be where 2 missiles are turned into a whale and a pot of petunias - "hello ground". i read it aloud once for a public speaking group and people gave me very blank looks.
it's a world where mice are the most intelligent life form, earth has been destroyed by poetry-reading vogons, the most important thing a hitchhiker needs is a towel and my favourite character is a depressed robot called marvin ("here i am, the brain the size of a planet, and they tell me to take you up to the bridge. call that job satisfaction? cause i don't.")

marc jacobs is releasing his resort accessories for 2015 which are emblazoned with the words "don't panic". the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is an actual guide in adams's book and "has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on its cover". i love that marc jacobs has referenced one of britain's great literary icons in his new collection.
my husband is a massive douglas adams fan. every night he listens to adams reading the hitchhikers series to put him to sleep. maybe he won't put up too much resistance to me purshasing the clutch...

03 October 2014


here are some of my holiday snaps from greece.
santorini was, to be honest, quite underwhelming. pretty, but so commercial and touristy.
milos was by far my favourite and boasted the most jaw-dropping, incredible natural beauty.
athens was as expected: dirty and derelict. the acropolis was really disappointing, after having seen the wonders of rome and ephesus.
thanks for the good times and bronze tan greece!

02 October 2014

lust list IV

winter wishlist


 an update on my lust list for winter. i think my list is quite conservative this time, considering that all i plan to be wearing the entire winter is jeans/pants, sweaters, coats and boots. not all the items are out of my price range either and with my birthday and christmas coming up, i think the list is quite achievable!

1. black fur jacket
this has been on my list previously and has been reignited with the incoming cold weather and the most recent collaboration between altuzzara and target. my only hesitation is the fake, cheap material (because sweat) and my husband has said i might look "a bit scary". the jury is still out on this one...

2. beanie
i think i actually need one for winter. loving wool and the gang's zion lion and so tempted to get the beastly boys beanie.

3. culottes
i want a more structured culotte, like maybe this one from whistles. you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a pair that is black, structured and affordable (suggestions welcome).

4. sweaters
i have slowly been stocking up on sweaters in preparation for the upcoming london winter. i detest the cold! the cashmere and merino wool selection at uniqlo is pretty awesome, but i've actually been delving in the men's selection.

5. white shirt dress
classic, work, play, any season. i love this one by acne, but i went with this one by cos as it was a little more in my price range.

6. christmas jumper
i'm hoping this christmas will be a white one, but even if it's not i will be embracing a cold christmas with all the enthusiasm i can muster. of course, that means a cheesy, novelty christmas jumper is a must. i intend to buy everyone in my family one as well.
7. black ballet flats
can you believe i don't own a pair? i have finally decided i will get the porselli ballet flats, as i have read so many reviews and comments about how amazing they are.

8. long grey cardigan
also very practical for the upcoming winter season. i love this one by acne.
10. flat boots
i have my heart set on getting some chelsea boots and have fallen heavily for these ones by church's. saint laurent's version are pretty incredible, but unfortunately almost double the price. maybe i can wrangle my husband to buy me an early birthday gift...

what's on your list for the coming season?

30 September 2014

double or nothing

shirts: cos, asos boxy shirt | blazer: allsaints | pants: jac + jack | heels: whistles

here's another challenge for pushing the boundaries of workwear: experiment with different lengths.
i recently added this long cos shirt to my repertoire, which doubles as a top and a dress (for someone short like me). a white shirt dress has been on my list for a few months now, so pretty happy to be able to tick it off with something relatively affordable (had my eye on this acne one).
some things to try: layer shirt on shirt. i layered with my asos short sleeved boxy shirt. wear it done up or undone to create a really interesting layered effect (now that i look back on this, i kind of look like a barrister...). the double collar looks awesome, in my opinion.
put a blazer on it. the unexpected longer length of the shirt peeking out below the hem of the blazer creates quite a feminine and lengthening effect.

add a cropped sweater. the differing lengths of the sweater, the long shirt and the blazer will display your layering prowess to the max.

*note my hair is not blonde again. these were taken a week or so ago.